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Advantages and disadvantages of manual sweepers and electric vacuum cleaners

Hand sweepers were introduced in the 19th century and quickly became a household staple. Often considered a direct evolution of electric vacuums, sweepers set the stage for a new era of home cleaning, and more than 130 years later, they're still household favorites. But how do they compare? What are the pros and cons of both?

What is a manual sweeper?

A hand sweeper is a mechanical device used to clean floors, just like an electric vacuum cleaner. It consists of a body containing a set of rollers and gears that spin and sweep dirt into an integrated container when pushed forward. Once assembled, it doesn't require electricity or any additional assembly. In contrast, electric vacuums do require electricity, either through a power cord or using a battery pack. It may require additional assembly, but is usually available in a wider range of shapes, sizes and styles.

Why buy a manual sweeper?

The main and most important positive factor for a manual sweeper is the price. Because they don't require electricity, they're inevitably cheaper; because the internal components aren't made up of wires or motherboards, and because of the lack of running costs.

Electric vacuum cleaner

The average cost of an electric vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner) is 50 more than a manual sweeper when purchased, plus the running cost of electricity. To start vacuuming, they usually need to be plugged in and have to press a button, which doesn't sound like much, but more than a sweeper needs. Beyond that, they are often referred to as "silent models," but have a much higher decibel rating than hand sweepers. Also, unless the vacuums are hand held, they can also be heavier.

That being said, it's more than offset by the excellent cleaning performance and dust collector size of most electric vacuums.

Vacuums have the added benefit of suction to help remove dirt quickly and efficiently. This dirt is deposited in a larger dust container, which means longer cleaning times, increasing the coverage of the entire home. The final bonus is that almost all vacuums have ways to assist in cleaning, whether it's attaching a tool or converting it into a handheld device. This adds versatility, not just floors.

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