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What is the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner?

Carpet sweepers and vacuums both serve their purpose. If you're thinking about replacing one with the other, you might want to think hard. I've seen people want to buy a carpet sweeper instead of a vacuum. While a carpet sweeper will remove some dirt, it won't be as effective as a regular vacuum cleaner. Let's review some of the benefits of each method so we can see if one is better for you.

Carpet Sweeper

A carpet sweeper is like a broom on a carpet. Most carpet sweepers are hand-driven, which means it only works when you push it -- kind of like an old-fashioned rotary lawnmower. You do have some sweepers that are battery powered and are more efficient than manual sweepers.

The biggest reason people use a carpet sweeper is that it's much quieter than a vacuum cleaner. Also, vacuum cleaners are often large and bulky machines compared to carpet sweepers. Many restaurants often use them to clear things between tables so as not to disturb people eating. Or cleaning up spilled debris or other small items in your home is perfect for a carpet sweeper. I know at my dining table the kids are dropping crumbs and biscuits all over the place, and using a carpet sweeper to clean up the mess is quicker and easier than pumping out the whole vacuum.

Carpet sweepers shine when you need to clean up a mess quickly and quietly. This is why they are often used by restaurants and many other businesses. Carpet sweepers work better on low-pile or commercial carpets. Using one on a high-pile rug will usually cause it to lose a lot of dirt items. The machine does not have a vacuum cleaner and can only be used on low-pile carpets. I think the reason electric carpet sweepers work better is that the brushes are always running even if you don't push. This significantly increases the chances of scooping dirt into the sweeper.

Energy consumption

Since many carpet sweepers are manual or do not require electricity, they are ideal for those who are off the grid. Vacuums can be one of the most power-hungry machines in your home, and if every electronics counts, it's best to stick with a carpet sweeper. If you also live in a tiny house, a carpet sweeper or regular broom is better than a large, bulky vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner

While carpet sweepers are great for cleaning up clutter in a home or business, carpet sweepers lack the power needed to thoroughly clean carpets. The carpet sweeper misses the small dirt/dust trapped in the carpet and the only way to get it out is pure suction. Carpets pick up dust, allergens, hair, and many other things that your sweeper misses. Many of your vacuums have filters, even HEPA filters, to help remove all the small particles your sweeper misses.

If you don't believe me, use the carpet sweeper first, then vacuum back to the carpet and see how much it misses. Since carpet sweepers miss many small things like dander and allergens - people with allergies should stick to a vacuum when cleaning. If you do suffer from allergies, stick to a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

If you don't know which one to buy, buy both. The only reason to only use a carpet sweeper is if you live off-grid and power consumption is important. In an average home, it's nice to have a carpet sweeper to clean up all the daily mess caused by kids or pets. Then do a thorough cleaning once a week with a large vacuum cleaner.

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