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Floor Sweeper - How To Choose

Sweepers are an important tool for collecting and removing debris and dust, and these machines are available in many forms. Ranges range from hand sweepers for small areas to ride-on machines for larger surface areas. Choosing the right sweeper means considering the type of floor, the size and access of the area to be cleaned.

Operation of an industrial floor sweeper is basically very simple and consists of one or two disc brushes that rotate and sweep dirt back into the machine. The dirt is swept away by cylindrical brushes and returned to the collection tank for subsequent processing. It looks simple on the surface, but there are many factors to consider when operating or purchasing a machine.

Industrial Sweepers - Things to Consider

Brush Type - Depends on the type of dirt collected. For example, to sweep away heavier deposits, use a harder, rougher brush, while for lighter dirt or dust, use a thinner, more flexible brush.

Type - Whether the machine needs to be a ride-on or walk-on (pedestrian) sweeper. It depends on the size of the area being cleaned and access to it.

Power - If it is engine driven and used for indoor floor sweeping, exhaust ventilation must be considered. If battery powered, charge life should be considered.

Ease of use - It should be easy to use for a variety of operators and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue.

Adjustable - Things like brushes should be adjustable to ensure good contact with the floor. Some machines have self-leveling systems for good contact on a variety of floor surfaces.

Design - It should be robust as it is used in an industrial setting. Access to maintenance and cleaning should be considered.

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