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Automatic Scrubber Machine: Why Do Your Need A New One?

First, you need to determine why you need a new automatic washer. You may think that buying equipment is easy and that you are "just in the market for a new machine". However, you might be looking for a new automatic scrubber for a number of different reasons. Depending on why you're investing in a new automatic scrubber, you'll be able to guide the buying process in directions that make sense for your unique situation. Some of the most common reasons for buying new equipment include:

Existing equipment is often damaged or outdated

The biggest expense of any cleaning operation is labor, and when equipment fails, higher staffing and labor costs are required to complete the same amount of work over a period of time. Dealing with damaged equipment is time-consuming and expensive. If you regularly have to deal with sending your equipment in for repairs, it might be time to invest in a new machine. You need to consider how much your equipment is currently spending on repairs and whether it's worth continuing to invest your money in old machines rather than investing in new ones. Additionally, older equipment may no longer use water and chemicals effectively. Upgrading your current automatic scrubber can help improve these and other cleaning efficiencies. When looking for a new machine, ask yourself if you are comfortable with the size and efficiency of your old floor scrubber. Does it fit in tight spaces, or is the machine too big? Are you able to clean without having to fill and dump the tank multiple times, or do you need a larger floor cleaning machine? This is a good opportunity to identify the features you like and dislike on your current automatic scrubber. When choosing a new floor scrubber, it's helpful to know what features you must have and what you can't.

Find ways to reduce labor costs

Finding the latest innovations in the cleaning industry can help you reduce labor costs - the biggest expense for most cleaning businesses. Integrating any type of new scrubber can help your employees get more work done in less time, but the most significant productivity gains can be achieved with automated equipment.

Automation is one of the latest ways to significantly reduce labor costs. Autonomous equipment frees cleaning crews from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as vacuuming or mopping floors, so you can redeploy staff for other higher-value tasks or higher-profit project work.

Reduce operating expenses

Even if you don't want to, you may find yourself having to cut your budget. Using electric cleaning equipment, such as automatic scrubbers, will help increase worker efficiency so you can make the best use of your existing staff.

Automatic scrubbers have a range of productivity-enhancing features such as large solution and recovery tanks to extend the time between dump and fill cycles, large cleaning paths to reduce overall cleaning time, and even technology that helps move the machine forward with other cleaning machines (like floor bumpers), the operator does not consume much energy.

Reduce workplace injuries and lower workers' compensation claims

Losing an employee to an injury can set back your costs and the hygiene of your facility. When employees are away for long periods of time, you need to find a way to get the work they're doing. If you're like some people, you probably don't want to hire a new employee every day. If this is the case, an automatic scrubber can increase efficiency, allowing your current employees to get more work done in less time. As an added bonus, many machines are equipped with new, enhanced safety features. New safety features on car washers can limit worker injuries, so you can avoid higher premiums for compensation claims and help your employees avoid future injuries.

Examples of these safety features include:

Ride-on scrubber with steering controls to keep the machine from flipping during turns

Autonomous machines have built-in infrared lights that allow them to react in real time to changing environments and avoid anything in their path.

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