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How long will the scrubber last?

Most companies that use floor scrubbers may actually be out of the way before they need it. You might be surprised by this advice, but it's true. The lifespan of the scrubber has steadily increased over time. While it's difficult to pinpoint the exact number of years for any particular design, they usually last longer than you might expect.

The service life of different types of washing machines

Depending on the specific unit type you have, it can be difficult to accurately predict useful life. For example, as long as you keep your propane-powered floor scrubber properly fueled and all its connections tight, the machine should last quite a while. While it requires little maintenance, the propane drive should also prove to be fairly safe.

Battery-powered machines will eventually require battery replacement as they slowly lose their ability to maintain voltage. However, once you do, you'll find that the motor and other moving parts require minimal maintenance.

Mats and other consumables will of course need to be replaced periodically, and different components will have their own certified lifespans. Depending on how much you use the device, these parts will wear out more or less often. Having said that, proper care of them will ensure that the rest of the floor scrubber installations should last quite some time.

High usage naturally wears out machine parts over time, although heavy-duty floor scrubbers can withstand this use better than other options. Companies that provide cleaning services to outside organizations may want to invest in such equipment.

Refurbished Floor Scrubber Lifespan

With proper maintenance, a floor scrubber should last for years. If you buy a new scrubber and take care of it as specified by the OEM, you should have no problems for years.

Of course, you will need to replace the pads and batteries over time, but the underlying unit shouldn't fail if handled properly. However, some companies have to dump their equipment on the used market faster than that, and when that happens, they end up with dealers.

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