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Yangzi has become a popular brand for decoration agents

Exclusive interview with Mr. Hu, the agent of Chongqing Yang(图1)

Yangzi has become a popular brand for decoration agents

  Recently, the editor specially interviewed Mr. Hu, the recently signed Chongqing agent, to see how he went from decoration to cleaning equipment and realized the expansion of his business territory.

  Because I am engaged in the decoration business, I often do some cleaning work for the unit. Every time you ask for cleaning, you will spend a lot of labor costs, and it is also very troublesome to manage, such as difficult cleaning, dirty cleaning, continuous rework,etc. These problems have made Mr. Hu, who has a deep understanding of the market, keenly smelled: the future is toward mechanization, and the cleaning equipment industry is in line with the development trend of society.

    A brand has not only been deposited in the industry for more than 40 years, but also has grown rapidly following the trend of the times, and will naturally be loved by consumers and agents. In particular, agents are more interested in developing high-quality brands. This is one of the reasons why Mr. Hu, who is engaged in the decoration industry, chose to join Yangzi. In addition, Mr. Hu said that from product to after-sales to franchise support, Yangzi is more in line with him. Needs and goals. Therefore, I only communicated with the Yangzi Investment Promotion Department once. After understanding the mode of joining Yangzi, I immediately decided to visit the Yangzi Headquarters. After on-site inspections and field experience of the use and quality of Yangzi cleaning equipment, Mr. Hu was determined to join Yangzi, and he formally signed a contract in the afternoon and became the agent of Yangzi cleaning equipment in Chongqing.

    Mr. Hu said that as a cleaning equipment agent, he hopes that the brand he represents has a large enough reputation and good quality, and he hopes that he can obtain continuous and strong marketing channel support from the brand, even if it is zero-based, zero-experience and zero-channel With zero contacts, relying on the platform and brand, you can easily make millions every year just by doing a good job in service and sales.

    Yangzi unique three-channel co-construction marketing model (helping agents build Taobao online stores, connecting with the company’s headquarters online customer funds, integrating online and offline resources) not only ensures that franchisees can easily acquire customers, but also through powerful sales services and after-sales Services to help agents build a good reputation of the brand in the region. In sales, Yangzi has the characteristics of rapid and timely delivery, and it also achieves nationwide warranty,nationwide distribution, and nationwide service, so that no matter which area agents need to deliver goods, they can be delivered to customers as quickly as possible. And to ensure that there is no worries in the future. In addition, the joining of Yangzi Cleaning 

   Equipment can provide customers with a full-scene cleaning solution to help customers easily solve the problem of matching equipment with cleaning scale and cleaning objects.

Exclusive interview with Mr. Hu, the agent of Chongqing Yang(图3)


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