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Best Practices for Cleaning with Floor Scrubbers

Cleaning with a scrubber is inherently safer and more efficient than cleaning with a mop, and these best practices will help you maximize the performance of your scrubber:

Use a chemical dispensing system. If you don't use enough chemicals, you won't be able to clean effectively. If you use too much, not only will you waste money, but you may also leave chemical residue on the floor. The chemical dispensing system will also save your team from having to manually mix detergent into the water or remove and empty the solution tank after each use.

Keep the machine clean and dry. You cannot clean floors with dirty equipment, all parts of the machine, including all brushes and pads, should be thoroughly washed and dried after use.

Check scrapers and blades regularly. If the scraper is not kept in good condition, the machine will not be able to effectively suck up the contaminated water. Keeping the recycling bin lid open after use will keep the machine dry and eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Don't run too fast. Good cleaning results depend on using the right amount of water and chemicals and giving the machine plenty offloor scrubber and floor washing machine time to do the job. Adjust the water flow and down pressure to a level suitable for the ground load and allow sufficient dwell time.

Use a pad containing cubic zirconia. Mats containing tiny cubic zirconia provide excellent cleaning results for certain types of floors. In practical tests, these mats have been shown to significantly reduce the number of bacteria on the floor.

Double scrub as needed. If the area is particularly dirty, double scrubbing may be the only way to remove stubborn grime.

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