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Nanjing Medical University


  Yangzi cleaning equipment helps Nanjing Medical University solve the problem of campus cleaning

  Nanjing Medical University is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. It is a key university in Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of 500 acres.  For a long time, the school has been manually cleaned. Due to the particularity of the school, the constant flow of people on the campus always brings a lot of inconvenience to the cleaning work. low efficiency.


   According to the area, floor material and requirements of the canteen of Nanjing Medical University, Yangzi Clean has developed a cleaning plan for the Yangzi S5 driving sweeper for customers.




Use other equipment

Use Yangzi cleaning equipment

Hire 5-6 cleaners

Only need 1 Yangzi machines

Monthly salary of CNY3,000/person

Spend CNY180,000 a year

Cost less than CNY30,000

Used for more than 5 years

Cleaning area1000m²/h

Cleaning area8500m²/h

Difficult to manage

Easy to manage


  Since the use of the Yangzi sweeper, the cleaning efficiency has been greatly improved. The school has highly recognized our company's products. So far, 8 sweeper equipment has been purchased.

Nanjing Medical University

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