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Hefei Canadian International School


  Hefei Canadian International School originally used other machines, but the effect was not satisfactory. After the communication between Yangzi Cleaning Equipment Manager and the school’s leaders, they learned that they finally chose Yangzi cleaning equipment first because they believed in the Yangzi brand, andsecond, they saw the trial effect. It is a real satisfaction that guarantees the cleanliness of the school district.


  According to the area, floor material and requirements of the Hefei Canadian International School campus, Yangzi developed the Yangzi X7 fully automatic driving and X2 hand-push scrubber cleaning program for its customers.




Use other equipment

Use Yangzi cleaning equipment

More than CNY 40,000

The same within CNY 30,000

Used for two years, problems continue

Used for more than 5 years

Cleaning area2800m²/h

Cleaning area6500m²/h

Difficult to manage

Easy to manage


 Hefei Canadian International School has purchased one Yangzi X7 driving scrubber and two Yangzi X2 hand push scrubbers, which are being replaced one afteranother.

Hefei Canadian International School

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