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South China University of Technology


  In order to effectively improve the environmental sanitation of the cafeteria floor, South China University of Technology decided to use a fully automatic floorscrubber to clean the school cafeteria. After comparing and understanding many brands, finally chose the Yangzi brand.


  According to the area, floor material and requirements of the South China University of Technology canteen, Yangzi developed the Yangzi X2 hand-push scrubber cleaning plan for its customers.




Use other equipment

Use Yangzi cleaning equipment

Hire 12-14 cleaners

Only need 6 Yangzi machines

Monthly salary of CNY3,000/person

Spend CNY420,000 a year

Cost less than CNY40,000

Used for more than 5 years

Cleaning area2600m²/h

Cleaning area16800m²/h

Difficult to manage

Easy to manage


 South China University of Technology highly recognizes the use of Yangzi cleaning equipment. After purchasing 6 X2 hand-push scrubbers for use in the canteen, it is currently preparing to purchase another Yangzi sweeper for outdoor use in the campus.

South China University of Technology

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