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Oasis Property


   Oasis Property is a local property company in Lu'an. Because of the underground parking lot for the cleaning of the newly undertaken real estate, considering the large area of the underground garage, poor air circulation, difficult cleaning, and laborious manual cleaning, it is necessary to choose efficient cleaning.


   According to the area, ground material and requirements of the underground parking garage of the real estate undertaken by Oasis Property, Yangzi developed the Yangzi X7 fully automatic driving washing machine cleaning plan for the customer.




Use other equipment

Use Yangzi cleaning equipment

Hire 7-8 cleaners

Only need 1 Yangzi machine

Monthly salary of CNY3,000/person

Spend CNY240,000 a year

Cost less than CNY20,000

Cleaning area1500m²/h

Cleaning area6500m²/h

Difficult to manage

Easy to manage


After purchasing a Yangzi X7 driving scrubber, Oasis Property is very satisfied with the customized service plan of Yangzi cleaning equipment, and is preparingto purchase scrubbers and sweepers for use in other scenes of the property.

Oasis Property

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