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Jiangxi Olympic Sports Center


  The Jiangxi Olympic Sports Center is a comprehensive stadium with a total area of 753 areas. If the ground is cleaned manually, it takes a long time, is inefficient, and has poor results.


  In order to quickly and effectively solve the environmental problems of the stadium ground, the Olympic Sports Center decided to use a driving automatic sweeper to clean the ground stones, leaves, dust and other garbage. Through understanding and comparison, the Yangzi S12 driving sweeper cleaning solution was selected.




Use other equipment

Use Yangzi cleaning equipment

Hire 20-22 cleaners

Only need 1 Yangzi machines

Monthly salary of CNY3,500/person

Spend CNY660,000 a year

Cost less than CNY70,000

Used for more than 5 years

Cleaning area5000m²/h

Cleaning area24600m²/h

Difficult to manage

Easy to manage


  Nanchang Olympic Sports Center has been using Yangzi floor scrubbers, and the feedback has been very effective. The relevant leaders also highly praised Yangzi products and services.

Jiangxi Olympic Sports Center

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