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Yangzi Cleaning appeared at the 2023 Moscow Cleaning Products Exhibition

"Cleanexpo Moscow, Russia, is the most influential exhibition in Russia for professional cleaning, sanitary ware, health care, dry cleaning and laundry equipment and materials. It is hosted by the Russian MVK Company. The holding period is: once a year, and the exhibition area :14,400 square meters, exhibitors: 24,460 people, the number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 600.”

At the 2023 Cleaning Products Exhibition in Moscow, Russia, Yangzi Cleaning's booth attracted the attention of a large number of visitors. As a leading company in China's cleaning equipment industry, Yangzi Cleaning has always adhered to innovation and excellence, and is committed to providing better and more environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to consumers around the world.

At the booth, Yangzi Cleaning displayed three of the company's classic cleaning equipment, the S4 riding sweeper, the X5 dual-brush floor scrubber, and the X2 hand-push floor scrubber. With their unique design, advanced technology and environmentally friendly materials, these equipment demonstrate Yangzi Cleaning’s persistent pursuit of technological innovation. The S4 ride-on sweeper has received unanimous praise from visitors for its efficient cleaning capabilities and environmentally friendly features. The X5 double-brush floor scrubber, with its double-brush design, can deeply clean the floor and make it cleaner. The X2 walk-behind floor scrubber makes cleaning easier with its lightweight design and easy operation.

At the exhibition, Yangzi Cleaning also had in-depth exchanges with customers from Russia and surrounding countries, sharing the company's products and services. Through this exhibition, Yangzi not only demonstrated the quality and performance of Yangzi products to Russian users, but also provided an opportunity for them to expand the international market.

Looking forward to the future, Yangzi Cleaning will continue to take the lead in technological innovation and promote the development of the cleaning equipment industry. We will continue to develop new cleaning technologies, improve product performance and quality, and bring a better cleaning experience to consumers around the world. At the same time, Yangzi will continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with international counterparts and continuously improve its competitiveness and internationalization level. We believe that in future development, Yangzi Cleaning will become a leader in the global cleaning equipment industry, providing better and more environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to consumers around the world.








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