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Yangzi X7 Commercial Ride-on Floor Scrubber

If your floor area is relatively large and requires thorough and hygienic scrubbing, choosing a yangzi floor scrubber wihelp keep your floor in the best condition.

The X7 model ride on floor scrubber can provide powerful cleaning capabilities and comfort. It can complete efficient cleaning work of approximately 1,000 square meters in 9 minutes.

The yangzi X7 scrubber machine has the following features:

1. Double brush design, two-way water outlet;

2. Water level sensing system to protect the motor;

3. Voice broadcast, fault alarm;

4. Intelligent charging mode;

5. With high-power LED lighting;

We support worldwide delivery, please feel free to contact us with your cleaning needs.

Yangzi X7 ride on floor scrubber description:

high level appearance design 

Extremely high cleaning efficiency: Clean the floor 980 ㎡ in 9 mintues. 

cleaning takes less time

Multifunctional three-in-one: Scrubber, Wash, Vacuum Dry.

easy to clean  

Suitable for cleaning large areas: Diameter 75cm larger brush.

75cm larger brush  

Longer diameter 120cm corrosion resisting squeegee.

120cm corrosion resisting squeegee  

Easy to operate and maintain: One-key start device, intelligent operation platform.

one-key start device  

Save labor costs: Big capacity water tank, no need to inject water frequently.

big capacity water tank

Easy to add and drainage water.

 commercial ride-on scrubber  

LED headlight, cleaning at night easily. Safer!

with led headlight  

More details about X7 model scrubber machine:

yangzi x7 floor scrubber

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