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Yangzi S3 Small Walk Behind Electric Floor Sweeper

About Yangzi And S3:

Yangzi is a professional walk-behind electric floor sweeper supplier, which can customize solutions according to cleaning needs. After research and development and new upgrades, the S3 model walk-behind sweeper can solve a variety of cleaning problems. It has the following features:

1. Both the side brush and the main brush have overload protection devices;

2. The dust collection and filtration system is equipped with a highly breathable filter element;

3. Turbocharging technology to increase suction;

4. Configure timing operation panel;

5. Optional spray device can effectively suppress dust;

We will customize the most suitable solution for you, and we support worldwide delivery, please feel free to contact us.

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Product Pictures:

walk-behind electric floor sweeper

battery overload protection  nylon roller brush

sweeper filter system  spray dust suppressor

turbocharging technology  multifunctional operation panel  yangzi floor sweeper supplier

Product Manual:

Yangzi S3 Walk-behind Electric Floor Sweeper

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