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Yangzi CF1 Air Mover Blower Fan Floor Dryer Blower

Yangzi is a professional blower fan manufacturer and floor dryer blower supplier, and is the most influential leading brand in China. The air mover produced has the following six advantages, which are praised and recommended by many overseas customers.

1. Overheating protection, can run continuously for 24 hours;

2. Three-speed adjustment, free control of wind speed;

3. Strong wind, efficient dehumidification;

4. 150KG load-bearing, wear-resistant and durable;

5. Intelligent noise reduction technology;

6. Large operating range;

We support worldwide delivery, please feel free to contact us.

commercial floor blower supplier

overheating protection

three-speed adjustment

strong wind

wear-resistant and durable

intelligent noise reduction

large operating range

yangzi air mover blower

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